PurePenn is committed to serving the needs of medical marijuana patients through science, safety, and compliance with PA Senate Bill 3. Dedicated to cutting-edge innovation using the latest technology, highly trained chemists, and the strictest safety standards, PurePenn's mission is to create the best marijuana-based medicine in Pennsylvania for patients in need.

We’re thrilled that state Department of Health officials selected PurePenn to bring medical marijuana cultivation and processing to southwestern Pennsylvania. 

We thank them, Governor Wolf and his team for their leadership throughout this process. State officials had a difficult decision in narrowing the Grower-Processor applications, and we’re pleased that they recognized PurePenn’s business sense and equally strong mission to bring the highest-quality products to patients. 

We are eager to begin our commitment to patients and the City of McKeesport. 

In the next 30 days, we’ll start construction of a first-class facility at RIDC Industrial Center to meet the state’s deadline to have a fully functioning facility up and running by January 2018. PurePenn will hold job fairs during that month, and a community event to open lines of communication about its mission to bring high-quality medical marijuana products to Pennsylvanians.

PurePenn will grow and process marijuana plants to treat pain, nausea and serious medical conditions. 

Our world-class facility will produce pharmaceutical-grade capsules, ointments, tinctures and oils that patients can buy at licensed dispensaries. Patients will need a doctor’s prescription and a card issued by the state Health Department to buy products.

PurePenn’s team of experienced individuals have myriad specialties to successfully launch and operate this business. 

Our team includes medical doctors, pharmacists, regulatory compliance specialists, financial analysts and law enforcement agents. We are poised to immediately comply with Pennsylvania’s strict regulations, and have committed to establishing an ethics and compliance division.  

PurePenn’s leaders have deep roots in Pittsburgh and McKeesport. 

Our economic development plan, approved unanimously by McKeesport’s Planning Commission and City Council, includes extensive safety measures, a community outreach component with financial support for McKeesport, and a commitment to hire local workers and provide them with good pay, health care benefits, and educational opportunities.


This video is about PurePenn's First Harvest.