Social Impact


PurePenn seeks to bring the highest quality medicinal marijuana products to improve

the quality of life for people in this region while aiding community revitalization.

But how we fulfill that mission – lifting up people and community – remains our key focus.


Mckeesport Community Fund

We commit to giving a portion of revenue back to the community to support revitalization. The McKeesport Community Fund will provide monetary resources for residents and stakeholders in order to improve their neighborhoods and schools as they deem fit. McKeesport’s mayor and elected leaders view responsible economic development opportunities as a public/private partnership. We’ve worked with them closely and we are committed to the relationship for the long term.

Local, Well-Paying Jobs

As the medical marijuana program grows in Pennsylvania, so will the jobs at our facility. PurePenn will pay double the minimum wage at the lowest end and give all employees healthcare benefits and training opportunities that will equip them for a long-term career in manufacturing.

Sustainability and Regulation Focus

Wherever possible, we are ensuring our facility and processes operate sustainably. Nearly all water is reclaimed on site and we adhere to the strictest of regulatory standards for Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program. Dispensaries are limited to sites that are 1000 feet from schools, places of worship, and day care centers. Our site, although for growing and processing, still conforms to that regulation. Complying with the most stringent regulations and exceeding sustainability expectations is a theme throughout our application.